You say there’s nothing but the truth in your eyes
I say it’s the devil in heaven’s disguise
You don’t wanna see it but I can still hear
and the sound of your voice makes me freeze

Taken for granted it’s not what it seems
How does it feel when your worst enemy
is hope for the future and fear of the past
And you feel that you’re stuck right here right now

I don’t wanna break, don’t wanna talk, no
I don’t wanna wait, I don’t wanna hear it
The sweat on my palms shows anger and fear
and you’re still lost for words and we both know
this takes us closer to the edge
or anywhere we never want to be

A call on the wrong line sends shivers down my spine
A voice says I’m sending the decline
The eyes full of terror, the face in the water
The heart beats so slowly I’m waiting

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Devil’s Rock Song (Single)

Release Date : 22. April 2022
Format : Digital Download